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Valef Yachts

Case Study

The Challenge

Valef Yachts, founded in 1969, is a pioneer in the Luxury Yacht Charter Industry. The digital realm has given rise to an ever-growing tide of new competition, making it harder to reach new customers in the clutter of the yacht chartering space. The client challenged us to revamp the brand’s online presence to better compete in the modern digital landscape. Our collective goal was to elevate the Valef Brand from the sea of competition into a league of their own by creating a unique customer experience that celebrates their heritage and reinforces the valuable roles nautical knowledge and customer care plays in chartering luxury yacht voyages on the Mediterranean Sea.

Services Provided

Creative Direction
UX/UI Website ReDesign
Content Marketing
Publishing Platform Design & Development
Content Marketing Implementation

Our Approach

Understanding our client’s business and its competitors is the first step in developing the path to success. Initial Market Research helps spark the conversation and provides clients with additional data to better assess the marketplace and their position in it. The Business Analysis phase includes a series of interviews and collaborative immersion workshops with stakeholders. Through a series of exercises and working sessions, we map out paths with the client to define the target customers, develop the unique brand story and positioning in a manner that set’s them apart from their competition.

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